Home Additions


Add New Rooms, Baths, Basement Plans & Roofs

If your home doesn't have enough bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms, we can help you by adding on to increase your homes value.

Are you considering different spaces, for example closets or basement add-ons? Perhaps you desire an patio deck? Trust Coastal Solar & Home Improvement. Call 619-972-3681 for a FREE Consultation!

Where do you start? So many different companies and options! Finally, Coastal Solar and Home Improvement got a hold of me and explained my options to me in a way that seemed easy and painless. He made sure the loan went through quickly; and the installation of my 3 new windows, 16 solar panels, and a panel upgrade happened shortly thereafter. I am looking forward to no longer paying SDG&E an arm and a leg for power.

Jessica Menard

San Diego Resident

Best company ever! The work they did for me was outstanding. They are very reliable and I recommend them to everyone I know. I love my solar panels!

Anthony Sevdinoglou

San Diego Resident

Great Company Adam has been so patient and informative even with my one million questions!!! Can't wait for our installation next week...Pictures coming soon!!!!!

Theresa Mester Illare Kimsey

San Diego Resident